Tuesday, September 17, 2013

It's my blog

so I can be a showoff. I got 10/10 for the "Letters to the Editor" essay. So there.

We had another writing exercise in class, where we had to describe a market preparing to open for the day. Here's mine. (It only got 9/10... but not bad for being done in 30 minutes flat.)
While the small children still slumbered, the marketplace had awakened. The vendors hastened to unfold their wares, takeaway coffees forgotten and rapidly chilling in the refrigerated air. Those acquainted with rushed their hellos, seemingly unwilling to waste precious breath on exhaled fog. And intertwined with the click of the tables unfolding, the crisp call of the mynah birds cut through the courtyard.
As the sunrise crested upon the soldiers, the hubbub and haste ascended in a crescendo of anticipation. Doughnuts and croissants invaded the nostrils of the advancing shoppers, teasing and cajoling and battling for their attention and purses. The keenest of these explorers ignored the flustered stall keepers, undeterred by dirty looks and unpacked boxes, pawing through stockpiles still in disarray, querying and haggling and haranguing at will.
And finally the main gates opened, signalling 7am and trumpeting the call to arms, as families and dealers flooded in and launched themselves violently at the market at large.